Vacation in Europe

Some glimpses of a very memorable holiday, spent with a most special group of friends and family.  Beginning in Normandy, continuing onto to Belgium and ending in Paris---the weather was generally damp but our spirits were effervescent. 

Normandy region, France

A very charming area, home to so many artists, chefs and flowers. We day-tripped incessantly, visiting the cities of Honfleur, Deauville, Trouville, Le Mont Saint-Michel, Cabourg and Omaha Beach. We dined, we shopped and laughed too much...forging an intimate experience which we will always treasure


An unbelievably quaint and picturesque port city…this was the gathering place for many 19th-century artists - Seurat, Boudin and Monet, to name a few. The renowned 'changing light' lent itself to illustration and inspiration. Boasting over 90 galleries, one may be familiar with these cobbled streets and beautiful views, simply through the  portrayal of so many paintings created throughout time.

Le Mont Saint-Michel

An 11th-century Romanesque abbey, which UNESCO classed as a world heritage in 1979. The phenomenon of the rising tide, which is unique to this island, makes it accessible by foot only during low tide.  

Omaha Beach 

A very sobering experience...visiting unthinkably horrifying moments of history.


Monet's home... beauty beyond belief! Realizing that nature can never be replicated.


Bruges, Belgium

A true storybook city... a charming town full of canals, windmills, music and hospitable people.



Always a good idea!