The Tale of India and Nepal

As many of you who have been following along on my Instagram may know. my family and I just returned from an unforgettable trip to India and Nepal, and we’re all still recovering.

I didn’t post as often as I would have liked, partially because of the spotty cell service and partially because I was absolutely overwhelmed with the thousands of photos we took while away!

The trip was incredible, all in all- each place we visited was so different than the last, but every one held its own unique charm.

See all the photos below with their captions for some highlights!

A Quick Icelandic Explanation

Hello! This is Sharon’s daughter, Alexandra. Judging by all the texts both my mom and I received last week following a certain Instagram post, I felt I owed you all an explanation...

Yes, my family and I did impulsively dash off to Iceland after our last trunk show (and the day of my brother’s last final exam)! I have a slight "addiction" to Iceland, and visited three times this year alone, so I was able plan everything we did almost exactly to the second (see the  account of my Lisbon trip for another example of this!)

We took the red-eye flight there, only a few days after our last event in Los Angeles, driving from the airport straight to our first hike.That night, we went to bed on the west coast of Iceland, over 36 hours after waking up in New York, with steam rising in patches from the mountain just outside our windows. 

We were there for only two nights, but managed to fit in several hikes, seeing countless waterfalls, black sand beaches and surreal rock formations. We tasted naturally carbonated mineral water, slogged through a muddy marsh to our first natural hot spring, peered over the edge of a volcanic crater, and nearly swam through the sulfuric fog surrounding our second hot spring (which happened to be only a few hours before our flight home, and we had forgotten towels).

But the snapshot everyone had been so frantically texting me about all of last week depicted my parents attempting to scale a nearly vertical wall of ice. This happened to be one of the highlights of our trip, and like all the best stories, was very much unplanned. I had climbed this particular gorge over the summer, finding a beautifully serene cave leading to a hidden waterfall. This time, we encountered a very different scene. The glacial waterfall had not only frozen over but completely filled the cave. Rather than turn around when greeted with the solid wall of ice, we simply strapped on our crampons and proceeded to climb up, knocking footholds into the extremely slippery surface on our way up. It was sometimes terrifying, but ended up being one of the most incredible things we had ever experienced.

So just to sum things up for all concerned parties, my mother was NOT in any danger, she climbed up the waterfall of her own free will (although I’m sure she regretted it at a certain point), and she had the time of her life. Decide for yourself- take a look at some of our photos below! 


US Protagonists Event with Vogue Italia

Ellie Necklace.JPG

Several weeks ago I participated in a most interesting event. I had been approached by Vogue Gioiello earlier this year about it and was immediately enamored. The entire event is to support elephant habitat conservation efforts, not only by donating a 20% of the proceeds of sales to the WIldlife Conservation Society, but by promoting the usage of Tagua nuts in jewelry. The tagua nut is a fascinating and as yet still little known material sometimes known as vegetable ivory or palm ivory as a result of its strong resemblance to elephant ivory. Many elephant conservation organizations encourage the usage of tagua in jewelry to replace the poaching of elephants for their tusks.


As a vegetarian of 35 years and an animal lover, this cause has always been dear to my heart, but took on a special meaning for me after my visit to Thailand in January. There, my family and I firsthand witnessed cruelty to elephants at a tourist institution, and subsequently spent a day at a wonderful elephant camp near Chiang Mai (see HERE to read my account and see some photos of this incredible trip) where I spent time with people whose lives are devoted to the ethical treatment of elephants. While the mistreatment for tourism and entertainment purposes is completely different from the killing of these majestic creatures for their tusks, it nevertheless puts a face to this specific brand of cruelty, and ignited a fire


It was my pleasure to design a necklace featuring a carved tagua nut, and incorporate it  into a style that is so personal to me.

Coverage of the event by Vogue Italia can be seen HERE


In Honor of Casual Friday

PSA: Jewels are not just for black tie events


It’s no secret that I love creating major pieces of jewellery. The bigger, the more ornate, the more colourful, the better! The most common misconception about my collection is that these major pieces must be saved for equally major events. Anyone who knows me, however, has seen that if I love a piece of jewellery, absolutely nothing will stop me from wearing it. Lounging by the pool, out for a summer stroll, watering the garden…  if you ask me, these are all occasions to feel and look your best in something you love. 


Life is short. Enjoy your jewels!

Trip to Thailand

I love New York. I’ve lived here since I was in high school, and consider myself to be a New Yorker through and through. And yet when I was in Thailand last week, I absolutely felt as though I belonged there.  Everything was so beautifully and brightly colored (and if you’ve ever seen me or any of my jewelry you know how I feel about color!). The fragrant scent of jasmine was everywhere, and all the people I met were incredibly kind and friendly. I finally understand why the country is known as the Land of Smiles! The two weeks I spent there with my family was pure perfection, with equal amounts of relaxation and adventure. 

The Window

A few weeks ago, we had another interesting visit here at the studio... and this time, you can read about it on The Window. Benjamin Jackson and Rick Barroso from Barneys stopped by to chat and photograph my daughter Alexandra's art gallery as well as my studio. We covered music, art, food and my slightly bizarre taste in furniture. Take a peek at their interview and their beautiful photos on The Window! Here is what you didn’t see in the interview: Rick lying on the ground, unable to get his shot because we kept making him laugh; the feast of fresh vegetables we consumed mid-interview; the unknown man off the street who decided that this was the best day to walk into the gallery and yell at Alexandra about his opinions on art!

SUS gallery is currently showcasing captivating photos from prominent food Instagram accounts.The exhibition, Bytes, will run through July 24th.

Turquoise Mountain

My studio is quite a private place.  I draw, I paint, I listen to music and I design all my jewelry… this is where I spend the majority of my time.  Each person I invite into my space is here because they are special to me, and I want them to experience the joy that I feel each day.

Earlier this week, one of those very special studio guests was Saeeda Etebari, a young Afghani artisan to whom I was introduced through a wonderful organization called Turquoise Mountain. Saeeda is a very talented jeweller and designer- having learned these crafts at the Turquoise Mountain school in Kabul. She was invited to the US to view her final finished pieces  which were featured in the new Turquoise Mountain exhibition at the Freer Sackler Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.  (a magnificent exhibition which I highly recommend.)  This was her first time traveling abroad, and my studio was her first stop upon arrival in New York. We were so excited to meet each other, despite the slight language, as Saeeda is deaf.  She was accompanied by her charming host from England, Dr. Tommy Wide, and her fabulous interpreter Amanda, who signed in Dari with impressive ease. Suddenly, the language barrier diffculty was eliminated.  We lunched, browsed through designs, discussed techniques, and shared experiences... it was so fabulous!

Meeting Saeeda was truly a privilege, every minute of which was inspirational. It was a reminder to me, of how important and vital it is to step out of our daily world, to simply take a look around at other people, their cultures and their stories. It is truly eye opening and adds so much to our outlook on life. I must remember to try and step out more often.


New to Instagram, I am excited to share different images along with the ideas that are behind the image stories.

Here are two of my favorite posts, on which I spent way too much time drawing and giggling about...

The Paraiba Tourmaline-- I am completely infatuated by the colour of this beautiful gemstone. After many hours of glaring into the stone, I decided to draw me diving into the photo of the ring. I enjoyed that so much, that I then did a mirror image of that concept- this time I drew the same ring, and put a photo of the real me diving in.

Japan 2015

Sharing some visions that made an impression on us while visiting Tokyo and Kyoto in February. Each trip to Japan unveils a new layer of awareness into an ancient and very traditional culture.We never cease to appreciate the seamless way in which they mesh their treasured heritage to the most modern technology. Our experience in Kyoto began with a speedy train trip from Tokyo, leaving the bustling city for a countryside outing. As we traveled away, the glory of snow-peaked Mount Fuji followed us for part of the journey. Upon arrival in Kyoto, we entered a traditional world---a world of elegant ladies and men strolling around in beautiful kimonos as part of their daily garb...such a contrast to the ceremonial kimonos which we marveled at in Tokyo. We caught sight of geishas leaving their homes, dressed impeccably on their way to work---the elaborate wardrobe and maquillage was mesmerizing! We visited so many beautiful shrines, each one devoted to a different idea. We spent one very special meal in the most serene of Buddhist monasteries, where both the food and the ambiance were exquisite and serene---possibly my favorite meal ever!

Vacation in Europe

Some glimpses of a very memorable holiday, spent with a most special group of friends and family.  Beginning in Normandy, continuing onto to Belgium and ending in Paris---the weather was generally damp but our spirits were effervescent. 

Normandy region, France

A very charming area, home to so many artists, chefs and flowers. We day-tripped incessantly, visiting the cities of Honfleur, Deauville, Trouville, Le Mont Saint-Michel, Cabourg and Omaha Beach. We dined, we shopped and laughed too much...forging an intimate experience which we will always treasure


An unbelievably quaint and picturesque port city…this was the gathering place for many 19th-century artists - Seurat, Boudin and Monet, to name a few. The renowned 'changing light' lent itself to illustration and inspiration. Boasting over 90 galleries, one may be familiar with these cobbled streets and beautiful views, simply through the  portrayal of so many paintings created throughout time.

Le Mont Saint-Michel

An 11th-century Romanesque abbey, which UNESCO classed as a world heritage in 1979. The phenomenon of the rising tide, which is unique to this island, makes it accessible by foot only during low tide.  

Omaha Beach 

A very sobering experience...visiting unthinkably horrifying moments of history.


Monet's home... beauty beyond belief! Realizing that nature can never be replicated.


Bruges, Belgium

A true storybook city... a charming town full of canals, windmills, music and hospitable people.



Always a good idea! 

SUS Gallery Opening

Sharon and her daughter, Alexandra, are pleased to announce the opening of SUS Gallery in Great Neck… hosting the work of captivating and unique artists, providing them an avenue to display their work.

The opening exhibition, Thursday July 31st, will be featuring two very noteworthy artists: Elizabeth Woodbury and Marti Flicker, respectively displaying their photographs and ink drawings.


A shooting glimpse of my recent trip to Tokyo

I was invited by Isetan-Mitsokushi to participate in their beautiful Tanseikai festival. I was hosted in a most gracious and elegant manner, allowing me to return to New York with so much more than when I left.  I now have a great appreciation for a very old and ancient heritage with many customs that are still observed today. I have seen new shades of colors, new sounds and a completely new way of daily living.  The wildlife and natural foliage is so vivid, and the respect which the Japanese community has for this beauty is admirable. They have seamlessly connected the old to the new to the ever present. I am looking forward to my next trip, and meanwhile, hope some of this beauty trickles into my design aesthetic